Where’s Caleb going in 2018?

Glad you asked!


I was awarded today a scholarship from Google, in partnership with Udacity to do learn front-end development! I am ecstatic to pursue this opportunity. but that’s not all…

As of January 8th, 2018 I have enrolled in Bloc.io’s full-stack web developer program as well.

Looks like my career is lining up nicely and my schedule is filling fast! I am hoping and praying I can balance all of this in combination with my MBA.

Here are my tentative goals for the year:

  • Become a Full-Stack Web Developer
    • Complete Bloc.io’s program
    • Complete Udacity’s Grow with Google Front-End program
    • Build a personal website that showcases:
      • Mastery of various front-end libraries especially React
      • Projects I am proud of
      • links to my other sites, personal and professional
    • Build or rebuild at least one website professionally for a friend
  • Become familiar with Digital Marketing and it’s synergy with Web Development
  • Land a full-time job (as local to Searcy, AR as possible) in the field
  • Finish my MBA in marketing or healthcare
    • Post lots of content throughout the year as I research and learn more
  • Become PMP certified from PMI.org
    • This is a secondary goal only as I can find time/money to fit it in

This may be ambitious but hard work and dedication will produce results!

As always, stay tuned! I plan to post more content here (particularly research and projects) that should be more professional and less personal.



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